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Working principle diagram of cylinder

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Working principle diagram of cylinder

A cylindrical metal part that guides the piston to move back and forth in a straight line in the cylinder. The thermal energy is transformed into mechanical energy by expansion of working medium in engine cylinder; The gas is compressed by the piston in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure. The case of a turbine, rotary piston engine, etc. is often referred to as a "cylinder.".

At present, there are four types of cylinders widely used

1、 Single acting cylinder

Only one chamber can input compressed air to realize one direction movement. The piston rod can only be pushed back by external force; Usually with the help of spring force, diaphragm tension, gravity, etc.

The features of single acting cylinder are as follows:

1) The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and low gas consumption.

2) With spring force or diaphragm force, a part of compressed air energy is used to overcome spring force or diaphragm tension, thus reducing the transmission force of piston rod.

3) Spring and diaphragm are installed in the cylinder, so the stroke is generally short; Compared with the same volume of double acting cylinder, the effective stroke is smaller.

4) The tension of the return spring and diaphragm of the cylinder changes with the deformation, so the output force of the piston rod changes in the process of moving.

Due to the above characteristics, single acting piston cylinder is mostly used for short stroke. Its thrust and speed requirements are not high occasions, such as air lift, positioning and clamping devices. Single acting plunger cylinder is not the case, can be used in long stroke, high load occasions.

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