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Application of compressed air

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Application of compressed air

Compressed air is generally used as a power source and is widely used.

Drive the cylinder to generate linear motion; drive the air motor to generate rotational motion; drive the jet element to perform computation and control.

Use it to carry certain substances and complete work. Such as sandblasting cleaning; spraying; water spray cleaning; painting.

Utilize its compressible properties to act as a buffer and a spring. Gas springs; cushions, etc.

and derivatives of the above. For example, the cylinder can derive airbags, air cushions, etc.

Military field

The gas produced by the explosion of gunpowder is compressed air. But there is one torpedo that is powered by compressed air. In addition, there are air guns. There are also early unmanned reconnaissance aircraft in the United States, whose computing control system is composed of jet components, the reason may be that the computer was not yet or anti-electromagnetic interference.

Function at sea: salvage buoyancy bags, buoyancy tanks for sunken ships, and gas cylinders for shallow diving.

area of life

Pumps, inflatable advertisements at the entrance of shopping malls.

Entertainment: air guns, large inflatable toys.

The miner's uncle is mining coal with a machine like an electric drill on his shoulder. The machine squeaked, and the coals fell in large chunks. The shaft of this drill is not spinning, but is beating "snack". This is an air pick operated with compressed air.

When building a bridge, rivets are used to connect countless steel frames, and a large steel bridge needs to be riveted with millions of rivets. The uncle the worker uses a fast and powerful rivet gun. This gun is also operated with compressed air.

The architect cut a rubber inner tube in half, sealed the two ends of the semi-circular inner tube, inserted them on the ground, and then inflated it. When the semi-circular rubber tube stood up, it became a Round bow post. If you put a lot of these pillar license plates together, and then cover them with a layer of plastic film, a very lightweight house is built. Such a house is very fast to build. Just press the inflatable pillar with something, connect the ventilator, blow air, and it can be covered in dozens of minutes. The air cushions used to protect people from injury while descending also use compressed air to inflate quickly.

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